19 September 2009

Top Ten Lists

Top 10 things I am going to miss...

10. The Radio. Having the same 10 songs drilled into the ground over a period of a few weeks. This may sound like a complaint but it's not. Think of all the money I saved by knowing that I shouldn't spend my hard earned iTunes dollars on downloading any radio hits because I could count on hearing them almost at will, AND by the time they were no longer played on the radio, I would never want to hear them again. Ever.

9. Driving. And walking or riding on the right (By that I mean right, as opposed to left, because after all, it isn't wrong, it's just different.) side of the road.

8. ESPN and football. You don't know what you've got until it's gone. Based on my experience of the European coverage of the 2008 summer Olympics....PTL for ESPN 360.

7. Eating recognizeable meat. I have heard stories, and let's just say that I hope they are legends.

6. Having a vague understanding of my "home" country's political structure. And keeping up on which celebrity the most powerful politician deems a "jackass".

5. Being able to address every adult as Mr., Ms., Professor, or Dr. and their last name (and not having to worry about royalty, knights, and the like).

4. Unlimited texting. I am on a stipend and can no longer afford that.

3. Being able to call anyone I know without thinking, "What time is it there right now....?"

2. Non-smoking restaurants NATIONWIDE.

1. Having ALL of my clothes (and shoes)...even the ones I never wear.

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