08 February 2010

Nottingham. So much less than the adventures of Robin Hood

So, I had to go to Nottingham in order to tryout for the English University Basketball Team (which will eventually compete in a Four Nations tournament agains Scotland, Wales, and Ireland in April). The tryouts started at 12 and lasted until 3 (or 15:00 if you will). Unfortunately, the earliest train leaving Oxford was at 9:36 and wouldn't arrive until a little before 1 (3 hr 20 min train-ride both ways. yes) But, it was the best that I could do, so I booked the ticket and showed up at the train station in plenty of time. As I was standing on what I thought was platform 2,3,4(since there was a sign that appeared to label it as such), I realized that the next train at the platform appeared to be going to a different location than my desired destination. Then my life unfolded just like the movies. (Mind you, my life is like the disasterous parts of movies minus the prince charmings and the good parts.)

I asked one of the station employees where platform 3 was, and he asked if I was trying to go to Bicester (which was the connecting train--first of three--that I needed to catch). I breathed a sigh of relief because the previous two people I had asked looked at me as if they didn't speak English (or at least not "American"). Unfortunately, my relief was short-lived because he pointed across the station to a little set of tracks nestled around the corner and just out of sight where there was a train with closing doors slowly pulling away from the station. This is where the movie comparison closes, because I didn't chase after it. I do think I could have caught it (it was slow after all) but I was deterred by the realization that I had no idea what I would do once I caught it...

To be continued. The day gets worse, but I have to go to class. (What a cliff-hanger...)

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