24 March 2010

Exhilarations and Frustrations

Exhiliration: Working at my desk with my window open. Even more exhilirating because my open window is not feeled with the noise and bustle of Oxford in term-time. It is amazing how much escaping the stuffy, recycled, McDonald's scented air from my radiator has transformed my little room. It reminds me of a commercial for fabric softener everytime I am there; it is the feeling of the air that the bottle attempts to turn into a fragrance and bottle.

Frustration: Looking for housing next year. I think it is a bad sign when the guy who is showing you the house says "Everything that is bad will be replaced. It will be cleaned and if it is really bad, it will be replaced." The house is a tour of scent; curry, cigarettes, moldy cheese, moisture that has left a stale aroma, and an occassional whiff of armpit. It is tempting to believe that the cabinets that are duct taped together will be replaced with palacial fixtures, old carpet and walls will be gutted, and the house will be renewed. But if this is the current condition of the house, I would guess my definition of "really bad" might be different than his.

Exhiliration: Crossing things off of a list of things to do that sometimes seems endless. Do I actually see the end of it?

Frustration: No, the end is never in sight. An itemized list (13!!) of issues with forms that have already been submitted twice. Included in the list of greivances are requests for forms that don't exist--not even in my head. I spent the morning google-searching what half of the terms even mean.

Exhiliration: Old things are made new. Dead things are made alive. The weak become strong. Exhaustion is replaced by renewal. The unpackaged, un-bottleable "fabric-softner-ish-ness" (whoa) is BIG and frustrations are small.

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