08 January 2011

Blogging Break Over. Welcome Back.

I have a confession to make.

Over the past few weeks, I think I have been playing around with the idea of discontinuing the blog. I mean, as you loyal readers know all too well, I have a few favorite topics--like public transportation and fashion--that I have pretty much exhausted. British culture is a lot less novel than it used to be, and I recognize that I am saying a lot of the same things and I can imagine how boring this repetition must be to read. Simply put--I have hit an 'artistic rut'. I feel like I have run out of material.

On the other hand, maybe the problem is an abundance of material. The past couple of weeks--including a trip to Israel and my first Christmas away from home--have been completely overwhelming (not in a bad way but just as a statement of fact), and I don't know if I have processed any of those experiences enough to be able to boil them down to digestible anecdotes or punchlines. And...I sense that there might be a line that I don't want to cross in terms of publishing things for all the world to see (potentially--I recognize that my 'world' for this blog is in fact much, much smaller)--like my....interesting....experiences getting into and out of Israel.

So, to convert all of this to a formula.....(because I am at a research methods conference after all)

lack of inspiration + overwhelming amount of complicated experiences to draw from= no blogging

But, the good--or bad, I am not sure--news, is that the blogging break is over.


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