06 October 2009

Fashion...oh boy

I have become convinced that women's fashion here can be summed up by three concepts, in a precise order:

1) Tights (leggings)
2) Skinny Jeans
3) Boots

A few points of clarification. You may be thinking to yourself, "Self, we have all of those things in the US." If so, you would be partially right. However, when you hear tights, you probably think about tights with a long shirt, short dress, or skirt over the top. You see, that is where you are wrong. Here, tights entirely replace pants (or more accurately trousers) and are usually NOT worn with anything that would cover your "bum" area. Think stretch pants from elementary school minus the stirrups, with boots, and without the long 80s grunge shirt over-top.

It is probably also worth noting that I often can't tell the difference between the tights and skinny jeans, especially if they are worn with boots. (Usually the only distinguishing feature is the slightly bulkier bottom cuff of the "jeans" variety.) So, I guess what I am saying is that skinny jeans (if possible), may actually be skinnier here. I already had made a pact not to join in with the skinny jeans culture--partly because I don't really think that athletic bodies are made for skinny jeans--so now I am doomed to be counter-cultural.

But today, I wore my first "European(ish)" outfit. Tights, boots, and the American influence jumper that does, in fact, cover my bum.


  1. I wish you could "like" posts on blogs. You're great Lindsay :) Praying for you- and keep that bum covered!

  2. Pictures please? I bet you looked amazing - and maybe somewhat European!

  3. So, you covered your bum! I knew you were a smart girl! Mum would be proud!

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! I love it! I bet you looked amazing! Cant wait for you to come and see me in Norway!