07 October 2009

It's Not Weird...It's Just "Different"

So, I was thinking about playing Rugby here. I have decided I might have to decline for moral reasons. I was walking by a sports shop on Turl street, when something caught my eye. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted to see if I saw what my little eyes thought they had seen. Sure enough, the quaint little shop had pictures of the women's rugby team from each year. "How nice", you must be thinking. "That is kind of like how Colleges and Universities in the US advertise their sports programs--you must have felt right at home!" Well, I suppose the validity of that statement depends on how much leeway you provide in defining the phrase "kind of". You see, the entire team had only pants on, and by pants I mean that in the British sense (aka underwear) and the only other "personal shield" that they had was their hands. And THIS was displayed in a store front window. It made taking "serious-face pictures" for the Drake posters seem downright tame.

Also, I saw several children's books with comparable subject matter displayed in Blackwell's, which truly is the GREATEST book shop in the world. One was titled "Evolve or Die". Charming.

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  1. Wow, I have a picture. Topless and toothless rugby women. Oh, yeah.