10 October 2009

I thought you were a Rhodes scholar...

So, I don't know that I will ever tire of hearing that phrase, but I do find that it is always best to tell all of the stupid stories on yourself rather than letting someone else embarrass you later. So, here it goes.
*The pictures fit into this post because I took them while riding my bicycle (oops!). It was such a beautiful day today, and the street is really the only place to take photos because otherwise you are too close to the buildings. But this certainly fits under "stupid". You know the law about people under 21 not being allowed to text? There should probably be a similar law for me on my bike. The only exception is that I am probably worse on my bike than a 16 year-old in their car (plus I am driving on the other side of the road).

1. In DC, we got the opportunity to be on the senate floor--which is apparently a big deal--and in an effort to take some pictures to send home to mommy, I decided to start right then. I got a dirty look from one of women who was with us, and I thought it was because my camera made a loud PSSSSH sound (simulating a shutter--thank you to whoever thought that was important). Actually, it's because it is basically illegal to take picture of the senate floor. Yessum, I am from Missourah.

2. I had two pairs of matching mittens, but I lost one so I had three mittens (the kind that I call homeless gloves because you can take the mitten off and have just short fingerless gloves). So, in an effort to "pack lightly"--a task that I failed miserably at--I decided to just take the two best gloves. You guessed it. I took two lefts. But don't worry, I cut a thumb hole into the "right" one and I'm set.

3. I locked my keys in my room twice. In two days. The porter was really impressed. They say that you don't change Oxford, it changes you. So far, Oxford may not have changed, but I sure haven't either.

4. We had a fire drill at 7:40 in the morning. I was supposed to get up about 5 minutes later to meet someone to run, so I just decided to change into my running clothes so that I could leave. AND...I couldn't leave my room unlocked (see security problems below) and I didn't want to lock my keys in my room (see previous), so I had to find those. I was one of the last people out of the building (by a bit of time) and think I would have been close to the cutoff of people who wouldn't have made it out had it been a real fire.


  1. I'm lovin the blogs! Yours is now officially the only one i have bookmarked. However, i think i'll be a regular checker, esp b/c i'm curious how long it will take for you to succumb to the British fashion trends and wear tights without something to cover your bum. Do you think you'll wear that while biking and taking pictures?

  2. Don't feel bad. I got kicked out of the White House once.

    Although I was only six-months-old at the time.