28 April 2010

Cricket (are chirping as I play)

Disclaimer: I have waited to post this because I am really trying to "leave the jury out" on the whole cricket thing. I want to give it a fair chance to enjoy it. And, in all fairness, I recognize that my enjoyment of it is probably hindered by the fact that I feel like I am not good/have no idea what's going on. But, alas, here comes the judgement-rich analysis.

First: I remember how frustrated I was when I used to pitch for South City Furniture Warehouse, and the girls in the outfield were sitting around making flower necklaces. I just couldn't understand this mentality. To me, it seemed to reflect a real lack of competitive spirit, and if you knew me as I child, you KNOW that I could NOT understand that. BUT...I think I understand now. As I was standing on the cricket pitch, I found myself CAPTIVATED by the sight of a butterfly chasing a bee. Literally, I watched this for at least a full minute (meanwhile, the ball could have been hit to me several times). In all fairness, I was already watching the bee because I am pretty afraid of things with stingers and wanted to make sure it kept an appropriate distance. I guess the good news is that if it hadn't, I would've actually gotten some exercise.

Second: You can probably gather from my tendency to be watching insects that I wasn't getting a lot of action in the field. This is true. And I have to admit that you spend about half the time wishing the ball would come to you and the other half wishing that it never will. I mean, that thing is HARD and apparently there are some rules about not using your clothing, hat, etc (and obviously you don't have a glove). If it does come to me, I will have a tough decision to make as to how to respond. Good thing I have LOTS of time to think about the pros and cons while fielding.

Third: Of the four hour game, I spent two hours keeping score, 1 minute batting, and the rest standing watching butterflies and bees.

Jury is still out...more to come!

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