19 April 2010

Introducing....Jeggings: (Subtitle) Never say never...

So, in my first month, this blog was dominated by idiosyncracies, oddities, and other observations about British culture, rain, and bike riding. For better or for worse, I have moved on to bigger and better (ok, maybe just different--aka toilets) things. But one of the most notable--and maybe most provocative, although maybe it was just more provocative because people were actually reading the blog at that time--posts was definitely my description of British fashion. Specifically, I received a lot of feedback about the proliferation of tights and the "fashion statement" that was tights as trousers with no bum-covering. I was also puzzled by a faux-pant which might have been skinny jeans or might have been tights--it was unclear.

After the post, I had several people ask me if I would buy into the tights as trousers phenomenon, if I would wear tights with my bum uncovered, if I would buy skinny jeans, and several other fashion-related questions. No, I assured everyone, I would never cross over to the other side (well, figuratively speaking, since I guess I have already done so literally). And for quite some time, I have maintained that position. In fact, I was drifting towards my previous American grunge-look rather than towards any sense of fashion--European or otherwise. After all, how long can you really enjoy dressing nice when sweats/workout clothes are just so much more comfortable?

Enter, jeggings. That's right. Jeggings. I may have solved the puzzle of the faux-pants. The pants (trousers) that I saw in the fall might have beeen extraordinarily tight skinny jeans; in fact, I suspect that some of them were. Some of them might have been tights that are designed to look like skinny jeans--I have found these in many stores in Oxford. But it is possible that they might have been jeggings--a cross-bred skinny jeans/tights combination.

Now, I recognize that these may not be a new concept. You may have had these in the US for weeks or months, in which case, I thank you for humoring me. But honestly, even if these are common in the US, they are still blog-worthy. In fact, it might be more blog-worthy if people are wearing these in the states. Come on people, I expect this stuff from Europeans, but not from you.

Anyway, back to jeggings. There is really no good way to describe them, except to say that they really look JUST like skinny jeans except the four inches around the waistband--which is elastic. There are no pockets, but some pairs have stitched on pockets. So, the key is to wear long shirts with them because otherwise you look like you are wearing a combination of skinny jeans and the elastic-banded jeans that are made for kids that are still potty-training (not a look to go for, I'd say).

I have included some photos for what words can't quite describe:

I know it is kind of hard to see these in detail. And you may notice that pattern in the background--that is my bed. That's right. I bought a pair of jeggins. Maybe one day, I'll post a picture of myself wearing them on here to provide the appropriate image, but strangely, I didn't have anyone around who I could ask, "Excuse me, could you take a picture of me in my jeggings for my blog?" All you need to know for now though is that, yes, those are acid wash. So they are like time-traveling pants as well. The fashion of the 1980s meets the technology of 2010 and beyond. Welcome to a new decade.

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  1. These pants crack me up. I think that I need a picture of you in the Jeggings to appropriately comment. And no, these are not being worn all around the US. Unless you count the 3-year-olds in Kate's red room class.