24 April 2010

How to submit an essay....

So, let's say--hypothetically of course--that you have two essays to submit. And, let's go one step further and say that both are due on Monday at 12 pm. Both are a part of your final grade, and in fact, each essay is one part of a five part workbook that will make up 12% of your grade (not like anyone has calculate this out or anything). Despite the similar nature of the essays, and the fact that they were both assigned by the same person, one is due at your department and the other must be turned into the exam schools. The essay submitted to the department is pretty straight-forward: name, "I hereby certify that this is my own work.", and all required information.

However, for the paper turned in to the exam schools, you must have two copies, with only your candidate number (so that it remains anonymous), in an envelope addressed to "The Examiner for (insert name of your department here)." Oh, and you have to have the "I hereby certify that this is my own work" statement, and you are supposed to sign it. Wait, should you sign it with your name, or should you start practicing your "candidate number signature"? After inquiring, you are told that you should sign your name on a separate sheet of paper. You are puzzled and inquire further at which point you are reassured that after dropping your paper off at the exam schools, it will be returned to the department (where you are submitting your other essay) where the course administrator will remove the page with your signature so that it can still be marked (presumably within the department) anonymously. So why do you have to turn it in at the exam schools again? At first, this appears to make no sense, but then you realize--that is what makes it make perfect sense!

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