10 June 2010

T-minus two weeks

As my mom pointed out yesterday, I will be setting foot on American soil two-weeks from yesterday. This is an overwhelming realization. Because...

a. I am going to simply melt from the shock of going from 60 degree whether to whatever unbearable temperature it is going to be in the Breadbasket when I return (I refuse to assign a number to this unthinkable reality, or to use the h-word. That's right, humidity.)

b. The two-week warning is good and bad news, because I graciously did not leave myself ANY wiggle room for my departure. I will board a bus just over 12 hours after I finish my last exam, which means that while going home may be something to look forward to, the countdown to departure also lines up with my hour of reckoning. (gulp)

c. I can't believe it has already been a year. When I was holed up in my room during the dark days of Hilary term, I thought this day would never come, but now that it has, I can't believe that the time has gone so quickly.

d. Did I mention that there is so much to do, and so little time to do it? This extends beyond work; so many relationships to build (and refresh while I am home), so little time to do so. Time is certainly my most limited and precious resource.

With that in mind, I should probably get back to work. But, I wouldn't want to turn you away without a window into my most ridiculous experiences of the last 24 hours.

How about the time I got up LIT-RA-UL-LY (yeah, that is "literally" in British...I think it has at least one extra syllable), 6 or 7 times to attempt to use the one restroom in the coffee shop where I was studying? Hey, I know that your walls are not perpendicular to the floor (and this is one of the things I love about you PRET), but you do GREAT business, and it probably wouldn't kill you to have more than a single toilet. Just throwing that out there. The best part was that I was watching for the toilet to be vacated. Everytime someone would leave, I would casually get up to go, and then the two women who looked like they were looking for a table would have this epiphany that they should really just use the restroom right now. Blessings. After 20 minutes of this game, I finally just went home so I could relieve myself.

Or, how about yesterday, when I decided to do some crunches in between runs in the park. "Ah" I thought to myself, "I will join these geese on this grassy knoll. How quaint will that be." But, "aha", I thought, I will make sure to scout out a spot with no poop. (so clever). Well, after walking around for several minutes with my nose to the ground, I quickly realized that it was a pretty "contaminated" area, but I was committed. So I found a small patch where I thought I could fit my back without any negative effects. After one successful, poop-free set, I adjusted about an inch and felt the moisture. The place was a geese-dung mine-field. It just wasn't a good decision.

Live and learn.

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