12 June 2010

World Cup Soccer

What was it like to be in England when we "upset" them by securing a tie (cough, moral victory)? Let me tell you in a few words:

1. Hot. Packed room of people standing to watch the game.

2. Probably hard to see if you were standing behind me. Yeah, I wore wedge heels. No, people aren't particular gigantic here.

3. Obnoxious. That described the Americans' behavior. I heard yells of, "Give us FREEDOM" multiple times. I am surprised we didn't just have a "tea party" right there on the spot.

4. Self-Denial. I think this just describes the British psyche in general. They are still struggling with their "recent" loss of emperial power. I just don't know how they are going to handle the latest blow. Apparently, they weren't playing well because "the US is such a bad team". Yeah. That's a terrible excuse if I've ever heard one. Tell that to Slovenia. England may just struggle in the World Cup BECAUSE they are so much better than everyone. Huh.

5. I can't wait to see the paper tomorrow. The British media is like sharks in the water. I wouldn't want to be their goalie....ouch.

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